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Rene Pardo is the co-inventor of the world’s first electronic spreadsheet (1969).
The spreadsheet software was first used by the plant budgeting operations of AT&T, Long Lines and the 18 Operating Telephone Companies in the early 1970’s as well as Bell Canada and General Motors in Warren, Michigan. This software incorporated what became known as "forward referencing" and "natural order recalc" - the cornerstone characteristic of spreadsheets - approximately 13 years before Lotus 123 and MicroSoft's Multiplan.

Mr. Pardo designed, programmed and implemented the world's first on-line conference registration and messaging system. The National Film Board of Canada implemented the registration and messaging system live during Expo 1967 in Montreal for International Cinemeteque, an international film festival attended by film makers from around the world.

In 1967 he also created one of the world’s first artistic computer animations with Norman McLaren (sometimes referred to as the "grandfather of animation") at the National Film Board in Montreal entitled “Birdlings” on a Digital Equipment Corporation 338.

He is a graduate of McGill University (Bachelor of Science 1968) and Harvard (M.Ed 1969, Phi Delta Kappa Association for outstanding achievement in education).

Mr. Pardo resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mr. Pardo co-founded Cycom, McGill’s first computer club and with the National Film Board and JAMM (Junior Association of Montreal Museum of Fine Arts) initiated the world’s first international computer art exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Norman McLaren (National Film Board, Montreal)and Ken Knowlton (Bell Labs, Murray Hill, N.J.) became Pardo's role models. Inspired by the NFB and Bell Labs which offered outstanding individuals complete creative freedom, Rene during the next 35 years tried to replicate, in business settings, the same environments which he had seen foster creative freedom, expression and innovation.

Early in his career, Mr Pardo also co-invented and developed the world's first educational multimedia online multiplayer game, and co-invented the first online multiplayer, multi-city audience participating game.

During the 80's, at Lanpar Technologies, in the manufacturing subsidiary, initially over 35% of revenues were invested in research & development. Multiple patents were issued, and world first's were achieved in areas ranging from shielded connector covers, to software and hardware demonstrating the integration of voice, data and image.

From September 2001 until December 2003 Pardo undertook the challenge of bringing to Canada - under Mega-C Power Corp - world leading scientists, and establish research facilities to enable them to continue their advanced research in hybrid capacitor-battery energy storage cells.This technology is now being advanced under Axion Power Corporation.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Frost & Sullivan has selected Axion Power International as the recipient of the 2006 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for North America in the field of lead acid batteries for developing an innovative battery- supercapacitor hybrid that could cause disruptive changes in the market.

The award recognizes the quality and depth of Axion's research and development program as well as the vision and risk-taking that enabled it to undertake such an endeavor.

From 2005 - 2006, Mr. Pardo focused on providing clean drinking water and electricity for emerging nations. There is a worldwide recognized need that 1.6 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water, and that 80% of diseases are water-borne. By helping launch Mobile-Cube (www.mobile-cube.com) Pardo wants to help contribute in a small way to address this problem and provide pure drinking water and electricity, in a single integrated unit, powered by solar and wind. Products continue to be sold all over the world, in different configurations.

A quicktime video clip - Excerpts from a technology review program broadcast during prime time German television featuring the Mobile Cube

Pardo has also helped launch a joint venture company for the purification of chemical solvents using an advanced membrane technology. Rather than having to dispose of spent chemicals, companies can now purify these to 99.5% purity to be re-used.

Since 2006 to date, Mr. Pardo has co-founded advanced technology companies in various fields to commercialize innovations.

In 2010 Mr Pardo co-founded Brainwave Research, a research & development company focussed on innovating products in the construction industry, filing and licensing patents, and bringing products to market. (www.BrainwaveProducts.com and BrainwaveResearchCorp.com)

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He may be emailed at [ contactrene@renepardo.com ]

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